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A book is a vacation, an adventure, or a path to enlightenment. Books are best friends. Find a Good Book to Read is a website for readers and authors alike. Hosted by author, Wodke Hawkinson, this site contains book lists of titles submitted by their authors or publicists. This gives readers a chance to learn about books they otherwise might not find, and authors a chance to get the word out about their publications.

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Banner photo "Old Book" by Anna Cervova

by Wodke Hawkinson

Genre: Collection of short fiction

Alone includes 18 tales in various genres and is at the special price of just 99 cents at this time. Great for lovers of short stories. Sometimes a short story is just the right size!

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Dark Longings
by Wodke Hawkinson

Genre: Mystery/suspense

Ruby Hays works as a waitress while attending college. After a mysterious phone call, her ex-boyfriend, Kenny, goes missing. Although she files a report with the police, Ruby decides to pursue her own investigation. The facts are seemingly unconnected: a vampire-themed nightclub, unsolved murders, secret gatherings. Each clue brings Ruby closer to the truth...and to danger.

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